the LIGHT of thinking.

LONGING. sunrise. the cultural creative. AWAKENING. change. 

past. present. FUTURE. metamorphosis. MOVEMENT.

Biography work offered and guided by Leah Walker, M.Ed., LPC

We must concern ourselves with phenomena. Life experience is rich and innately intelligent. The secret is not hidden,  only unseen. It is ours to develop the capacity to read the text. Interest is key.

biography work


YOU are the biography worker.  

YOUR life is yours to explore.  I  can help you with how you approach biography work.  Together we can  find new ideas, develop creative pathways to deeper self-understanding.   I can teach you more about charting, the archetype of human life...   Just let me know when you're ready to go!

circle work.

Conversation is a uniquely human activity.  A gift, when warm and deep, or playful and relaxing.  Yet, how often it's taxing or leads down a path that proves discouraging, rather than uplifting.  Circle work is an opportunity to engage in conversation founded on biography work and inclusive of ideas put forth by the great minds.  A question for the self that unfolds a world truth.  This is something to relish.  This is life-giving.


As  a spiritual science and new art, biography work has much growth to  realize.  Using it thoughtfully and with finesse is intensely important  to me.  I offer professional consultations to trained biography workers,  as well as individuals formally trained in other disciplines inspired  by Rudolf Steiner, who seek to develop their knowledge and skill.


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