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Sometimes it feels as if listening is  all there is.  Listening for me is a practice, a meditation really.  I  listen for nuance, for patterns, life-themes, for insight, connection,  for Spirit.  I listen for your voice, your wisdom.  I listen for your longing.   I have the greatest respect for those who will step into the unknown,  those who struggle to develop themselves beyond what is given naturally,  those who will bear the dark, within any realm—relationships, career,  social engagement, creative pursuits. I love the struggling soul because  the search--for ourselves, for each other, for goodness--gives me hope.  I value the search.  I have worked in special education in the public  school system, in addiction treatment, on ropes courses. I’ve been a La  Leche League leader and a college instructor. I have skills and broad  experience. I did my training in biography work and my way of seeing changed.   My work is strength-based. I have studied human development all my life  and I hold within me a deep feeling for the archetype--the highest in  the human being.  I'm admittedly an idealist.  The ideal is the goal!   And it is necessary in every moment to seek the real, practical life—to  be in and of the world.  Our best is needed.  As Adam Bittleston puts  it, so beautifully:

I bear within myself the whole image of  the starry world, parts of it indeed emphasized as my particular  responsibility.  In the struggle of earth, this heavenly commission  would now be forgotten were it not for Spirit. The nearer I draw to  Spirit the better I shall remember it:  and in its presence not be  overwhelmed by it, but in every situation be helped in finding the first  small steps to carry out my commission afresh.

I'm awed by  the lyrical genius of Paul Simon--check out "Surprise" from 2006!  I  have a crush on James Taylor--always have, always will.  I can sit all  day, quite contentedly, and watch water in the natural world--a creek, a  lake—rain!  I love horses and dogs.  And human beings.

I look forward to talking with you!   –Leah

Professional Background:

I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and a faculty member of the Center for Biography and Social Art.  I have a master’s degree in educational psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and hold a certificate in homeopathy (and practice homeopathy for animals). I am board treasurer of the Association of Anthroposophical Medicine and Therapies in America.


American Counseling Association
Worldwide Biography Conference
Anthroposophical Society of North America
North American Society of Homeopaths